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Real Estate Brokerage

We are licensed real estate brokers whose primary goal is to obtain market value for distressed real properties. Our legal knowledge in both bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings allows for an expeditious sale and greater recovery for our clients. After researching the property we are assigned to sell, we devise a unique, highly effective marketing strategy based on its characteristics and location.

Real Estate Management

What sets our firm apart from others is our understanding of property management and maintenance in both long-term and short-term situations. MYC is typically retained to manage and maintain real properties while a sale or foreclosure can be completed. Our management strategies allow a greater recovery for our clients when the real property is ultimately sold.

Auction Sales

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured auctioneers. Our auction services offer our clients the ability to liquidate assets in a timely, cost-effective manner which ultimately results in greater net recovery.

Asset Appraisals

MYC provides its clients with comprehensive, cost-effective, and timely valuation services. Our network of agents throughout the United States allows MYC to provide its premier valuation services in a cost-effective manner. All of our appraisal and valuation reports are supportable, documented, and defensible. Our clients include an extensive range of businesses and industries and our years of experience have given us the knowledge and experience to conduct valuations in nearly every type of business.

Orderly Liquidations

An orderly liquidation sale is a process of selling the assets of an estate or business in an orderly manner. This process is typically conducted over a longer period of time which allows MYC to track down specific buyers for the unique assets we are liquidating.

Record Management, Shredding & Asset Storage

Our firm maintains a storage facility where we store records and assets for our clients. If our client is faced with a deadline to remove collateral from a debtor’s or borrower’s site, MYC can pick up and store the assets while a legal sale can be arranged.

Custodial Services

MYC is often retained in this manner when an estate or business is winding down operations or liquidating. MYC has the knowledge and the wherewithal to either continue operations and/or prepare for liquidation. Our custodial services widely vary from complete business management to asset recovery.


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