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Victor M. Moneypenny

Victor manages the day-to-day operations of the firm as well as all of its asset sales.

Victor first “got into the business” at the age of 14, making copies, filing documents, and performing office work at the former G.E.M. Auction Corp.; an asset management and sales firm founded by his late father, Robert Moneypenny (1941-2007). Working through the ranks from office assistant to warehouse manager to real estate salesperson to a real estate broker, Victor gained valuable experience and developed relationships that would, unbeknownst to him, serve as a foundation for future endeavors. When the opportunity arose in 2008, Victor became a founding member of MYC & Associates, Inc.

Victor has worked on a multitude of cases for government agencies, lending, and financial institutions, bankruptcy trustees, attorneys, and receivers over the last 25 years.

Victor currently holds licenses as an NYS Real Estate Broker and as an Auctioneer recognized by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.

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Marc P. Yaverbaum

As a founding member of the firm, Marc’s primary focus is the valuation, management, and sale of distressed real estate. Marc has extensive experience representing bankruptcy trustees, attorneys, financial and lending institutions. Marc’s wide-ranging knowledge in legal, bankruptcy, and foreclosure proceedings has led to the successful sale of cooperatives, condominiums, land, commercial and residential properties in these forums.

Marc began his career in the industry with G.E.M. Auction Corp. Starting from the ground up; Marc was initially responsible for inventorying estate assets. His first big assignment was in 2004 where he represented the firm in re: Cashpoint Network Services, Inc., assisting estate professionals with the management of several hundred bank accounts of the debtor. Shortly thereafter, Marc traveled the United States, seizing and liquidating assets for a Chapter 7 Trustee in re: General Fiber Communications.

Marc’s interest in real estate was first recognized when he was just a child; assisting his grandfather with collecting rent, cleaning, and making repairs to family-owned properties. Marc’s first real estate assignment was for a client who needed to sell an inaccessible, fully occupied, residential property in Brooklyn, NY. This sale yielded a price in excess of appraised value. By late 2005, after leading several successful court-administered sales, Marc’s hard work paid dividends as he was tagged to be the foremost sales agent directly responsible for the sale of over ten commercial properties in Harlem, New York City (in re: Maywood Capital Corp.).

Life Beyond His Career… Marc is a very proud husband and father to three children; two boys and a girl who all keep him very, very busy. When Marc does have some free time, it is often spent in the company of his good friends and family.


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